Saturday, 15 February 2014

Article by plume:  Amazon Reviews 


Some Amazon reviews I have written about products I love. Not really! Also, people hate them!

Here be an excerpt from a review of "Russell Grant's Astro Tarot Cards". You know, for if you simply cant be shitted to click the link.

"...After hurling the Derek Acorah video through a car window, I entered the internet cafe and browsed Amazon until...BINGO!
I quickly clicked away from the 'BINGO ACCESSORIES' section and browsed to the Rattle Grants section, whereupon I finally chanced on my goal. Astro Tarot.
To my absolute surprise and, if I'm honest, unbridled excitement, Russell Grant entered the cafe at precisely the moment my beautifully toned digits clicked 'buy'. He entered it by means of crashing from the air ventilation shaft above the computer next to me. (I would later learn that he had been waiting there since December 15th 2005)..."


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