Monday, 24 February 2014

Article by plume: The Prambleton Post...again.

Got another page of 'The Prambleton Post' up for whoever is even interested. As always, right click and view it or whatever you do with your fingers with mice. Slantyface. (Sorry Kath, it's too funny not to use:)) Quite.


  1. I tried to 'rent-a-face' but it gave me Mystic Margaret's. Please help.

  2. I got in touch with Bentley Rump, the chairman of 'Rent-a-Face' about this unfortunate state of affairs, and he slurred the following statement:

    "Rent-a-Face takes no responsibility for displeasure or harm caused as a direct effect of renting the 'Economy' model of face from our extensive line. Next time, don't be such a gyppos dog and spend more money."

    Well I never!